Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fracking Linked to Earthquakes

Fracking Linked to Earthquakes

The furor over fracking has barely died down after reaching a peak several months ago which resulted in New York banning fracking – a ban expected to be overturned. Meanwhile, a majority of states involved in the process appear to be maintaining what amounts to a veil of secrecy over the real issues. These include advance notice of where (and when) oil drillers anticipate fracking; the precise ingredients of the chemical stew used to frack individual sites; what will be done with the wastewater; and a number of other details that add up to either environmentally permissible or totally unsustainable fracked oil and gas extraction.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Human Rights - Should Undocumented Workers be Protected Under US Law?

An undocumented worker is someone working off the books; they are usually not on the payroll and have not completed any tax forms. These people have not provided the company or person they work for with identification of having a legal status to work in this country. Most places of employment require a photo id, social security card or work visa to be eligible for hire. In many states, the burden of proof of legal documentation of employees lies with the employer as they will face steep fines for undocumented workers. The intention behind these laws is the employer and employee are both protected, but it also creates some unfortunate situations. One example is employers taking advantage of these individuals because they are too afraid to speak up for themselves.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Newbies Intro on Branding Your Empire as a Freelancer

Branding Your Freelancer Empire

A freelance worker, or freelancer, is a worker who is not committed to just one company – many aren't even committed to just one industry. These people may fill a position or need for a business in virtually any capacity. A typical arrangement between a company and freelancer includes a signed contract about the nature of the work, this is why many are referred to as contract workers instead of freelancers. Some freelancers work out of the office of a company that they have assignments from, but many, like myself, are on their own completely. Regardless of the nature of their work, a good freelancer must have a plan if they want to achieve success.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Brief History of Labor Unions in the USA

A Brief History of Labor Unions

Americans have always had conflicted and varied thoughts on labor unions and their utility in the work force. Some people associate the term with mob affiliations and famous gangsters, but mostly people just envision a group of people fighting for fair pay, decent work conditions, and good benefits from employers. Legally, a labor union is the representation of United States workers in various industries. These representatives have the interest of the employee, and group of employees at heart. Labor unions have played a hugely important role in the American workforce for centuries and continue to advance labor laws in modern days.