Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller is an experienced social media expert, author, and co-founder of the tech startup ScanandBan.com. He has worked in marketing for over a decade, and finds his passion in bringing concepts to life that are beneficial to modern society.

He has worked in various positions; ranging from intern, manager, consultant, director, and eventually owner and founder of a marketing firm. Through perseverance and dedication, he has managed to become accomplished and knowledgeable in all his undertakings.

He is also an avid blogger and author. He believes that this is a great venue for spreading awareness on a plethora of topics. Currently, he is working on a book with his wife about social entrepreneurship called "The Digital Nomad."

Andrew and his wife are currently on a two year journey around the world to help develop their new idea that revolves around Crowdfunding. These varied experiences have given him a clear and centralized perspective on issues that plague the world, and how to not only find, but implement viable solutions.

On weekends, he works as a consultant with King's Way Church to help teach leadership skills and encourage misguided teenagers who are "at-risk" or have already fallen into the Juvenile Justice System.

As a Socialpreneur, he is an agent for positive social change through both his writing and business endeavors. He believes social consciousness is the answer to many of society's current ailments.

Specialties: content management strategy development, leadership training, marketing strategy development and implementation, public relations, SEO, website design, e-commerce, investor relations, investment management, budget oversight, team building, social media management, marketing, blog management (Wordpress  and Blogger)


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