Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Social Media Gifts for Fundraising: 3 Methods to Boost Your Strategy with Promotional Gifts.

social media
Social media is the taking over as the place for fundraisers looking to generate interest, conversation and increase engagement with their cause. It is the ideal platform for communicating with supporters, potential and existing. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are among many of the online tools now at your disposal. However, social media is yet to make other forms of traditional marketing obsolete and focusing your efforts on an interconnected strategy is imperative to success. The promotional gifts industry is well recognized in the fundraising sector but there are new ways it can be utilized with modern marketing tools.
In a study by the BPMA they found that promotional gifts can increase visibility more than most other forms of promotion.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Turn Your Old Car Green

green cars
Most people don’t realize that manufacturing a new vehicle generates a huge amount of carbon dioxide, or CO2, that ubiquitous gas largely associated with global warming and climate change.
The most accurate set of calculations, as worked out by the Guardian (a news source operating in the United Kingdom, or UK), is 720 kilograms (kg; or 1,587 pounds) for each £1,000 ($1,587) spent.  
Extrapolating from that equation, your new car – costing on average $26,000 – has a built-in, coal-generation carbon footprint of 18,720 kg, or very nearly a short ton (which is 20.6 kg). By comparison, even Big Foot comes off looking less like a shaggy hermit and more like Tinker Bell.

Business Owners Hiring Responsibilities : Immigration Law

immigration law

James, a small business owner, specializes in guitar repairs and general musical instrument sales, as well as offering guitar lessons.  James met Javier, an immigrant from Mexico, when Javier became a regular in the guitar shop.  While the two men got to know each other more, James learned that Javier makes his own acoustic guitars and is a self-taught musician.  Javier came to the United States, with his family, in hopes of having a better quality of life full of employment and educational opportunities.  In the 6 months that Javier has been in the U.S., the only jobs he has been able to get were construction jobs.  Javier wants to quit because the working conditions are unfair and unsafe, but he cannot afford to quit.  James would like to hire Javier to assist with guitar repairs and to give lessons, but James is not sure if he is able to hire Javier, due to the Federal Immigration Law.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Time to repair your roof? Top tips on when you should invest:

home investment

Repairing your roof, no matter how small or large the work is, is an investment! Protecting my family and the value of my home seems like a sound investment to me.

 Do you know the current condition of your roof? It is an aspect of our homes that most of us pay very little attention to, unaware as to whether there are any signs of damage. We’d be concerned if there was a crack in our wall, or a missing brick, so why are we less concerned when the damage is happening on our roof?