Thursday, February 7, 2013

When Social Security Fails-Reverse Home Mortgages

The future of Social Security Insurance benefits in the country is not looking so well. New tax increases have saved the program for now, but many are wondering how much longer the program will hold up. The problem with the depletion of SSI is that many Americans have not prepared properly for retirement and aging generations are facing the real risk of never receiving Social Security – that’s why many are seeking alternative options. Reverse mortgage loans offers seniors a way to pursue financial security through the equity in their home. Learn about reverse home mortgages to determine if these programs are the best option for you.

Review of Best Socially Conscious Business Apps

Socially Conscious mobile app review
After carefully reviewing and testing hundreds of apps suggested by The Business InsiderPC Mag, and Information Week, the apps below are the ones which offer the most to the socially conscious business person. Check out the reviews of these useful apps for the modern socialpreneur, most of which can be used by people with only a basic understanding of mobile technology.

Apps for Reducing Waste
iRecycle, iOS, Android
This app lets you locate local recycling locations for various types of materials. iRecycle offers over 1.5 million ways to recycle over 350 types of materials. Businesses which produce any type of waste will discover how to immediately reduce their carbon footprint by keeping their trash out of landfills.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

These days, getting ahead—at least from a financial standpoint—has become more and more difficult. While some people are able to make strides when it comes to advancing in their career field or chosen profession, others fall farther behind. Though there are a number of different ways in which individuals can succeed financially, developing a new product or service is one of the most popular. Individuals who have developed a new invention may want to “protect” their idea—or intellectual property—from theft by other businessmen and women. Understanding the basics behind intellectual property, why it should be protected, and how this task can be done is essential for those who hope to capitalize on their concept. 

Top Ten Tips to Quickly Fix Your Credit

Improving your credit can seem like an uphill battle, especially if your credit score has taken a few hits due to things like late credit card payments, defaulted student loans, or persistently high balances on your accounts. However, with steady adherence to the following tips, your credit will be on the road to recovery.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Help Us Reach One More Special Olympics Athlete!

special olympics
Finding one’s place in the world can be a difficult task. In many cases, individuals experience challenges when it comes to identifying their strengths and socializing with people who demonstrate similar values. The process of discovering where one “fits in” can be especially formidable for those who suffer from a mental disability. Fortunately, specific groups designed to target individuals who suffer from these types of conditions—such as the Special Olympics—can be crucial when it comes to discovering a sense of self-esteem. Before committing to Special Olympics, potential participants and their parents should have a basic understanding of the organization itself, as well as a comprehension of how to enroll in Special Olympics and participation options.

Is Organic Food Really Better?

Is Organic Food Really Better?
In the late 2000s, products with the label ‘organic’ started showing up more and more in commercial supermarkets, and farmers markets all of a sudden became popular again. You can almost assuredly credit the organic movement to public awareness through media stories and popular documentaries which blew the cover on toxic and non-organic food.