Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review of Best Socially Conscious Business Apps

Socially Conscious mobile app review
After carefully reviewing and testing hundreds of apps suggested by The Business InsiderPC Mag, and Information Week, the apps below are the ones which offer the most to the socially conscious business person. Check out the reviews of these useful apps for the modern socialpreneur, most of which can be used by people with only a basic understanding of mobile technology.

Apps for Reducing Waste
iRecycle, iOS, Android
This app lets you locate local recycling locations for various types of materials. iRecycle offers over 1.5 million ways to recycle over 350 types of materials. Businesses which produce any type of waste will discover how to immediately reduce their carbon footprint by keeping their trash out of landfills.

Pages, iOS
Pages is an app which acts as Apple’s alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite. This app allows users to draft press releases, make email templates, create project proposals, draft reports, start advertising materials, and more without having to print copies to make documents mobile.

Box, iOS & Android
Box is a mobile app which offers users a way to access their and edit their files and documents and share files from anywhere on any device with anyone. With this app, the internal operations of a company can go completely paperless with the ability to share memos, presentations, time sheets, orders, and more.

Apps for Staying Up to Date on the World
AP – Associate Press, iOS & Android
This universal app is a mobile version of the wildly popular Associated Press news and information outlets. AP Mobile offers accurate and professional news reporting on stories in our own nation and from around the globe.

New York Times, iOS & Android
The New York Times app is for digital subscribers to this award winning news source. Users will get their news stories delivered through world class multimedia and professional journalism.

Flipboard, iOs & Android
If you are looking for a way to get social media news right on your mobile device, Flipboard is news magazine with trending stories across the web.

Generally Good Apps
Dirty Dozen, iOS & Android
Are you looking for a way to make business lunches and catered events healthier for your company? This app outlines the produce with the highest concentrates of chemicals from pesticides. With this information you will know when you have to demand the use of organics.

GoodGuide, iOS & Android
Using your phone’s barcode scanner, this app grades cleaning products, personal care items, packaged food and beverages, household goods, and even clothing based on health concerns, environmental impact, and social responsibility.

This app was one of many created in response to Apple’s failure to make a good map app of their own. Waze offers crowd sourced traffic information and provides alternative routes, where to find the best gas, and more modern mapping features in addition to navigation. With this app, your fleet can spend less time idling and company vehicles will spend less time on the road putting off emissions when drivers get to where they are going more efficiently. 


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