Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Deaths Caused by Granuflo and Naturalyte Treatments

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Being diagnosed with a chronic health condition can be very difficult. Individuals who are placed in this situation must not only deal with the psychological stressors of illness, but must also face long months of doctors visits, invasive procedures, and on-going therapy. This is especially true for renal patients, who must often undergo dialysis treatments for years before organ replacement becomes an option. Unfortunately, many dialysis patients—such as those who were treated with granuflo and naturalyte—died as a result of their care. Understanding the basics behind the prescribed medications, and the causes and frequency of death can be beneficial for those currently undergoing treatment.

What are Granuflo and Naturalye?

Before one can learn more about the deaths caused by granuflo and naturalyte treatments, they must learn more about the products themselves. According to Drug Watch, granuflo and naturalyte are both commonly used in the dialysis process—and specifically, assist in the cleansing of the blood and neutralization of acid buildup. While dialysis treatments have been done successful for decades, the recent introduction of these two components sparked many complications and concerns. Fortunately, granuflo and naturalyte are used by just their parent company, Fresenius, thus substantially limiting the number of exposed patients.

Causes of Death

So what, exactly, are the risks of granuflo and naturalyte use? Did patients who received treatment with these products suffer from specific conditions? According to some research, the answer to this question is a resounding “yes.” In fact, individuals who underwent dialysis treatment with granuflo or naturalyte use were at the greatest risk for the development of heart attack, stroke, heart arrhythmias, or even sudden death. While some of the people who suffered from these conditions were able to survive the event, many others died as a result of granuflo or naturalyte use.

Frequency of Death

Current estimates vary on the total number of deaths related to granuflo and naturalyte use. While there are currently around 2,000 lawsuits pending against the makers of granuflo and naturalyte for untimely death, some experts believe that the true number of deaths can be much higher. Frequency of death is often difficult to estimate—especially in this situation—as the patients were already suffering from serious health conditions, and were thus in a precarious state of health. Obviously, this can make the identification of medication-related death versus natural death quite difficult.

Obtaining Assistance 

Granuflo and naturalyte are dangerous products that have severe, life threatening complications. Those who suffered as a result of granuflo or naturalyte use—regardless of the severity of their complications—may want to consider seeking legal assistance. In most cases, legal experts can provide tips, recommendations, and advice when it comes to dealing with the after effects of a granuflo or naturatlyte-related death or complication. Speaking with friends, family members, or co-workers who have also gone through this process in the past can also be beneficial when it comes to getting benefits from granuflo and naturalyte therapy.


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